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2020 EASI Tackle Football League

1.  EASI will be playing an age based league.  The age cut-off is September  1st, 2020 .  The cut-off ages are as follows for each league:

7 years old as of 9/1/20

8 years old as of 9/1/20;
9 years old as of 9/1/20;
10 years old as of 9/1/20; 
11 years old as of 9/1/20; 
12 years old as of 9/1/20; 
13 years old as of 9/1/20. 
Children may play up two age level but cannot play down.  They must be in 6 as of 9/1/20 in order to play tackle football. 

In the 11 & Under only – Players that will be 12 years old between February 1st

and September 1st of the current year, and in the 6th grade, shall be allowed to play on 11

year old teams. Each of these age exemptions shall be approved, individually, by

the EASI board for team assignment. Proof of grade and age shall be Birth

Certificate and 5th grade report card shall be presented

2.                  WEIGHT LIMITS:  The following weight limits will be utilized for all EASI games. 
7 year old - 70 pounds

8 year old -85 pounds; 
9 year old -100 pounds; 
10 year old-115 pounds; 
11 year old -135 pounds;
12 year old-150 pounds;
13 year old-165 pounds. 
For players that are over the weight limits the follow rules apply:
OFFENSE:  (1) no advancement of the ball; (2) cannot be an eligible receiver, or line up as one (3) cannot line-up in the offensive backfield.  DEFENSE: May play any position on defense but may not advance a fumble, pass interception or return a kick off or punt.  The penalty will be unsportsmanlike conduct 12 yard penalty from the line of scrimmage. 

3.                  WEIGH-INS:  Weigh-ins will be once before the season starts, once half-way through the season and at the start of the play-offs.  The 2nd and 3rd weigh-ins will be for players that are within 10 pounds of the weight limit; although the football director has the right to re-weigh any player.  Every player is REQUIRED to be at weigh-ins in order to be eligible to play in the next scheduled game.  There are no protests on weigh-ins except for the EASI officials and/or director.

4.                  EASI will play High School Federation Rules with adjustments or variations covered here in.

5.                  Players can play up two age levels.  No one is allowed to play down.  Team will forfeit all games played with ineligible player.

6.                  Players are allowed to play on only one (1) EASI tackle football team.  Players signed up for tackle and flag must play in half (1/2) of that teams games to be eligible to participate in EASI league tournaments or tournaments sponsored by EASI.  Players eligibily begins when they sign-up for a team, not the number of games they actually participated in.

7.                  For all age groups, four (4) quarters, each quarter will be 8 minutes.    Clock will stop for injury, out of bounds, time outs and moving the chain. The clock will not stop for incomplete pass except for the last two minutes of each half.  Home team will be the first team listed on schedule.  League games can end in a tie!

8.                  Penalty Yardage; will be 4, 8, or 12 yards.

9.                  Home team will supply 3 people to work the chains and down marker, 2 of which must be adults, 18 years of age and older.

10.              The Official in Charge, Kirk Sparks, will schedule all officials for tackle football games.

11.              Teams are limited to a minimum of 15 players per team and a maximum of 25.   Teams can have more than the maximum at the discretion of the coach as long as it is discussed with the league director.

12.              Players will be placed on teams according to number of participants on team.  REMEMBER COACHES, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR THE YOUTH OF EDMOND AND SURROUNDING AREAS.  EASI will not allow any players to sign-up after the last day of registration until all independent players have been placed on a team.

13.              Punting rules, for 7, 8, 9 and 10 year old teams, they will declare if they are going to punt or not.  If they decide to punt, the ball will be moved 16 yards or half the distance to the goal line. In 11 year old tackle, the team will declare punt or not.  If the team chooses to punt, it will be a free punt.  Were the receiving team touches the ball is where the ball will be spotted.  In 12 year old tackle, there will be a 4 man rush allowed. They must be in the down position and between the tackles.  They will be the only players allowed to rush.  A declaration has to be made on whether they will punt or not.  In 13 year old tackle, regular high school rules will be used. Quick kicks will be allowed in the 5th-6th grade leagues.

14.              On extra point attempts, if you run the ball in, it counts for 1 point, two (2) points for a successful forward pass.  A backward or lateral pass is not considered a forward pass. 

15.              EASI will furnish a game ball.  It must be a leather ball, no rubber or composite balls will be allowed.  Ages 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 will use the pee wee size ball (example the r-5 PW) and ages 12 and 13 will use the junior size ball, (example the PRO-5 junior).

16.              It is the coach's responsibility to keep all assistant coaches and players inside the 20 yard line boundaries or after first warning, a 10 yard penalty and loss of down may be handed to the offending team. For the 7, 8 and 9 year old divisions one coach from each team will be allowed on the field at all times.  Once the QB goes under center  both offensive and defensive coaches have to become still and can't give instructions to their players. If a coach doesn't follow this rule that team will not be allowed to have a coach on the field for the remander of the game.

17.              Coaches are responsible for controlling themselves as well as their fans and parents in an orderly mature manner.  Coaches and parents are role models to the players in the program and should conduct themselves accordingly.

18.              Games being played on EASI fields are under the complete control of the game officials on that field.  The only protest should be on the participation of an illegal or ineligable player. Otherwise the high school federation rules and the EASI amendments are used. Which are clearly stated and coaches have had the opportuntiy to discuss in the mandatory coaches meeting.

19.              Any coach, assistant coach, player, parent or fan ejected from the game or the field shall immediately leave the park and its premises.  After the 2nd ejection, that person will not be allowed back in the park or its premises.  Refer to NO TOLERANCE POLICY.

20.              Coaches are responsible to make sure the participants waiver and birth certificate are signed and on file in the EASI office before that player can participate in league games.

21.              All registration fees must be paid before a participant is eligible to participate in team practices.  Any player practicing with tackle football teams that have not registered after the official sign up period, ( July 19, 2019) are to cease practicing and playing with that team.  Players that have registration forms on file will be placed on teams before others will be allowed to sign up for teams.

22.              Players that have been placed on a team will remain with that coach as long as he is still the head coach or assistant coach.  Only exception will be if there is a situation where both the coach and parent are in agreement, or the Board of Directors of EASI that that child would be better off placed on another team.  Then both parent and coach must sign off on a release form. 

23.              There will be two (2) mandatory practices per week.  As long as the players show up at practices then all participants shall play in at least two series of downs in each half; change of possession constitutes a series of downs. Failure to play every child will result in disciplinary action determined by the EASI board of directors. 

24.              Players will not be allowed to play in any game with a hard or soft cast unless it’s padded with a closed-cell, slow-recovery foam padding no less than ½” thick.

25.              NO JEWELRY OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED DURING THE GAME.  This is for the protection of the player and opposing players.

26.              THERE WILL BE NO POSTPONEMENT OF GAMES EXCEPT FOR AN "ACT OF GOD" OR OTHER DETERMINATION BY EASI OFFICIALS.  Failure to not be present for any other reason shall constitute a forfeit.  A $60.00 forfeit fee will be paid before that team's next game.  Failure to do so will result in another forfeit.                       

27.              Postponed games will be made up the following Wednesday, same time same field.

28.              The RAIN OUT NUMBER IS 340-8998.  It will be updated throughout the day when there are weather concerns.  You can also sign up for a rainout email through our website - www.edmondallsports.com on the left hand side.

29.              The decision to postpone the games after the gates have opened due to weather conditions will be handled by the league director and head official.

30 AWARDS:  Trophies will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place when there are 4 or less teams in the age division.   Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place when there are 6 or less teams in the age division.  Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place when there are 7 or more teams in the age division. All other participates will receive medals.  All awards MUST be picked up by November 15th at the EASI office during regular office hours.  EASI will not call coaches to remind them of their awards.



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