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Posted by Terri on 01/21/2020

APRIL 17-19 - DICK'S SPORTING GOODS - Gift certificates to all 1st place teams plus trophies for 1st and 2nd place teams! 20% discount at Dick's Sports Goods!

6's - Edmond Raptors, Oklahoma Cowboys
7's - Edmond Pirates, Sluggers, OK P170 Outlaws, Braves
8's - Edmond Pirates, Edmond Bears, Stillwater Stix, Edmond Warriors, Edmond Diamondbacks, Edmond Oilers, Orioles, Oklahoma Storm Wylie, Edmond Rumble, Huskies, Oklahoma Pelicans, Edmond Padres, Guthrie Bluejays, Piedmont Wildcats
9's - Edmond Astros, Edmond Bandits, Edmond Heat, Edmond Orioles, Guthrie Bluejays, OKC Lightning, Edmond Wolfpack, Edmond Red Sox, Dirty Dawgs, Edmond Yankees (FULL)
10's - Edmond Cubs, Oklahoma Bucks, Edmond Eagles, Edmond Cyclones, Edmond Heat, Edmond Orioles, OK Rage, Titans, Throwback Braves, Bombers, Knights, TCP Tigers (FULL)
11's - Edmond Diamondbacks, Cyclones, Rangers, Edmond Prospects, Edmond Orioles, Drillers, Oklahoma A's, SBA, OK Impact, Bandits
12's - OCA, Coyle Thunder, 
13's - OKC Sandlot, EE Stix Baseball, SBA U13, Mojo