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2021 EASI Flag Football League Rules

1.                EASI general rules will be used in league play.

2.                  The Official in Charge will be Kirk Sparks. Kirk will schedule all officials for flag football games.

3.                  Every player will be a starter on either offense or defense; players on the sidelines will enter the game when the ball changes teams.

4.                  Team rosters are required to have a minimum of ten (10) players and a maximum or twelve (12) players.  Teams can have more than the maximum at the discretion of the coach as long as it is discussed with the League Director.

5.                  Flag football will be played by grade level. K-2nd  3rd-4th 5th-6th

6.                  A mouthpiece is required for all participants.  Players will not be allowed to participate until they have a mouthpiece.

7.                  No similar-color-to flag color pants will be allowed.  Pants should be of a contrasting color.  All flags will be red or yellow.  EASI will supply flags for the games, ONLY EASI FLAGS WILL BE USED DURING GAMES.  PENALTY FOR THIS INFRACTION WILL BE TO FORFEIT THE GAME.

8.                  Players are allowed to play on only one (1) EASI flag football team.  Players signed up for tackle and flag must play in half (1/2) of that teams games to be eligible to participate in EASI league tournaments or tournaments sponsored by EASI.

9.                  Players will be placed on teams according to number of participants on team.  REMEMBER COACHES, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR THE YOUTH OF EDMOND AND SURROUNDING AREAS.  EASI will not allow any players to sign-up after the last day of registration until all independent players have been placed on a team.

10.              It is the coach’s responsibility to keep all assistant coaches and players inside the 20 yard line boundaries or after first warning, an 8 yard penalty and loss of down may be handed to the offending team.

11.              Coaches are responsible for controlling themselves as well as their fans and parents in an orderly mature manner.  Coaches and parents are role models to the players in the program and should conduct themselves accordingly.  Refer to the NO TOLERANCE POLICY.

12.              Games being played on EASI fields are under the complete control of the game officials on that field.  The only protest should be on the grade of a participant.  Otherwise the EASI amendments are used which are clearly stated and coaches have had the opportunity to discuss in the mandatory coaches meeting.

13.              Any coach, assistant coach, player, parent or fan ejected for the game or the field shall immediately leave the park and its premises.  After the 2nd ejection, that person will not be allowed back in the park or its premises.  Failing to leave the park and premises will result in a forfeit of that game.

14.              All registration fees must be paid before a participant is eligible to participate in team practices.  Any player practicing with flag football teams that have not registered after the official sign up period, (July 16, 2021) are to cease practicing and playing with that team until they complete late registration which is available Aug 5-19, 2021.  Players that have registration forms on file will be placed on teams before others will be allowed to sign up for teams.

15.              Players that have been placed on a team will remain with that coach as long as he is still the head coach or assistant coach.  Only exception will be if there is a situation where both the coach and parent are in agreement, or the Board of Directors of EASI that that child would be better off placed on another team.  Then both parent and coach must sign off on a release form.

16.              Players will not be allowed to play in any game if a hard or soft cast is being worn.  This is for the safety of the player and opposing players.

17.              NO JEWELRY OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED DURING THE GAME.  This is for the safety of the player and opposing players.

18.              THERE WILL BE NO POSTPONEMENT OF GAMES EXCEPT FOR AN “ACT OF GOD.”  Failure to not be present for any other reason shall constitute a forfeit.  A $60.00 forfeit fee will be paid before that team’s next game.  Failure to do so will result in another forfeit.

19.              Postponed games will be made up the following Wednesday, same time-same field.

20.              The RAIN OUT NUMBER IS 340-8998.  It will be updated throughout the day when there are weather concerns.

21.              The decision to postpone the games after the gates have opened due to weather conditions will be handled by the League Director and Head Official.

22.              One coach may be present in huddle on offense and defense and should be at least ten (10) yards behind the line of scrimmage at the moment of the snap and make every effort to avoid the movement of all players during that play.  Coaches will not do any additional coaching after the ball is snapped.   There will be a loss of down and 4 yard penalty.  After the play begins coaches cannot say anything to the players. 

23.              Teams will declare if they are going to punt or not on 4th down.  Grades 3-4 and up will punt or kick the football.  K-2nd will move the ball 16 yards or half the distance to the goal with a change of possession.

24.              PAT will be 1 point for a run or 2 points for a pass from the three (3) yard line.  From the 10 yard line run or pass will be worth 3 points.

25.    League games can end in a tie. Once the post season begins games will have to be played out.              

26.              EASI will furnish one game ball for their games.  K-4th will use the peewee size ball.  Example RSPW Peewee football.  5th and 6th grade league will use the junior size ball.  Example Pro-5 Junior.  The balls must be leather.  No rubber or composite balls will be allowed. You have to use the size indicated for your age division.

27.               K-4th grade league will play 12 minute quarters.  5th and 6th will play 12 minute quarters.  With 2 minutes left in the half or the end of the game (4th quarter) 7 plays will remain to end the 2nd and 4th quarters. 

28.      AWARDS:  Trophies will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place when there are 4 or less teams in the age division.   Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place when there are 6 or less teams in the age division.  Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place when there are 7 or more teams in the age division. All other participates will receive medals.  EASI will host one pickup evening to pick up trophies/medals after the season.


Huddle Time -the team in possession shall have 25 seconds to put the ball in play after the official has marked or whistled the ball ready for play.


Changing Ends – Teams shall exchange ends of the field between 1st and 2nd Quarters, and between the 3rd and 4th Quarters.


Verbal Threats – Verbal Threats made directly to an Official shall result in Automatic playing field and ballpark ejections and resulting penalties.


 Motion - Only one (1) player is allowed in motion at one time and there movement must be parallel or away from the line of scrimmage and must be continuous.





Encroachment – Offsides - After the ball is ready for play and until the snap, no player on defense may encroach, touch the ball, nor may any player contact opponents or in any other way interfere with them. This includes standing in the neutral zone to give defensive signals and shifting through the zone. After the snapper has made his final ball adjustment, it is encroachment for any player to break the scrimmage line plane except for the snapper’s right to be over the ball.


Shift - In a snap preceded by a huddle or a shift, all offensive players must come to a complete stop and remain stationary in legal position without movement of the feet, body, head or arms for at least 1 full second before the snap.


1st DownsFour downs shall be allowed in which to advance the football into the next zone (zone lines will be marked every 10 yards.  When both flags of a ball carrier are advanced across the next “line-to-gain” or when one foot of the ball carrier touches the ground either on or beyond the next “line-to-gain”.  The location of the football has no importance in determining the 1st down.


Stances Any stance is permitted.


Line Play – Any number of players may be on the offensive or defensive line of scrimmage at the moment the ball is snapped.

Screening – Rushing - The offensive screen block shall take place without contact. The screen blocker shall have his/her hands and arms at his/her side or behind his/her back. Any use of the hands, arms, elbows, legs or body to initiate contact during an offensive player’s screen block is illegal. A blocker may use his/her hand or arm to break a fall or to retain balance. A player must be on his/her feet before, during and after screen blocking.

A player who screen blocks shall not:
A. When he/she is behind a stationary opponent, take a position closer than a normal step from him/her.
B. When he/she assumes a position at the side or in front of a stationary opponent, make contact with him/her.
C. Take a position so close to a moving opponent that his/her opponent cannot avoid contact by stopping or changing direction. The speed of the player to be screened will determine where the screener may take his/her stationary position. This position will vary and may be 1 to 2 normal steps or strides from the opponent.
D. After assuming his/her legal screening position, move to maintain it unless he/she moves in the same direction and path as his/her opponent. If the screener violates any of these provisions and contact results, he/she has committed a personal foul.

Defensive players must go around the offensive player’s screen block. The arms and hands may not be used as a wedge to contact the opponent. The application of this rule depends entirely on the judgment of the official.


RUSHING THE QUARTERBACK All players who rush the QB must be a minimum of (7) seven yards from the LOS (as marked by ref) when the ball is snapped. Any number of players can rush the QB from the 7 yard mark. . Players not rushing the QB may defend on the LOS only until the ball leaves QB hands weather hand off or pass. . Once the ball is handed off, the seven – yard rule no longer is in effect, and all defenders may go behind the LOS. A special marker, or the referee, will designate seven yards from the LOS. Remember, NO BLOCKING, TACKLING, OR STRIPPING OF THE BALL IS ALLOWED. If a 7 yard rusher encroaches and does not get back before the ball is ACTUALLY snapped they are no longer eligible to rush. They have to wait until the ball is actually snapped and not on the word hike. If they rush it’s an illegal rushing defensive penalty. No blocking/shielding a rusher or blocking/shielding for a runner at any time. This is a judgement call and must be respected. Absolutely no contact with the QB other than pulling the flag. If a defensive player jumps to block pass from the QB and comes down on the QB with ANY contact its a penalty


ReceivingAll players of both teams are eligible pass receivers.  Each player is eligible, even if he steps out of bounds or out of the end zone, as long as he catches the ball in bounds or comes down in bounds with at least one (1) foot.

 Pass Interference:

1.      During a down in which a legal forward pass crosses the scrimmage line, contact which interferes with an eligible receiver who is beyond the scrimmage line is pass interference. Penalty: 10 yards from the previous spot and automatic first down.

2.      Defensive pass interference that is considered to be intentional or unsportsmanlike. Penalty: 10 yards for Unsportsmanlike Conduct, possible ejection, and 10 yards and first down for interference.

3.      Offensive pass interference that is considered to be intentional or unsportsmanlike. Penalty: 10 yards for Unsportsmanlike Conduct, possible ejection, loss of possession and 10 yards and first down for interference.

Diving :

1.      Diving is prohibited when attempting to advance the ball.
2. Players may dive to receive a pass only.
3. All other dives are marked "DOWN" at the take-off spot.
4. Players cannot dive to cross the goal line or the line of gain

Deflagging -  A ball carrier is downed and the ball is dead when either flag is detached from his belt or when the ball or either knee touches the ground

Center Snap – A center snap may touch the ground before it gets to the QB and remain playable if the QB fields it cleanly  off of a bounce or from the ground.  However, if the QB muffs the ball to the ground it is dead where it first touches the ground.  A center snap must be made between the center’s legs.  A false movement of the football by the center after he is set shall constitute encroachment.  A direct snap may be used.  A direct snap may be handed back to the center as long as the QB had possesion of the ball before he hands it back.  No defensive player may line “head up” with center for reasons of safety.

 Fumble – When a backward pass or fumble hits the ground, it becomes dead and belongs to the team last in possession at the spot where it touches the ground or at the inbounds line opposite the spot where it left the field of play. If the ball lands in the endzone it will be ruled a safety.

Substitutions-   There will be free substitution rules as long as player being substituted for is off the field at the next snap or is out of the area of play and is departing the field in haste.

STIFF ARMING: Stiff arming is not allowed; a personal foul will be called, and if warranted an unsportsmanlike conduct or ejection will result.

OBSTRUCTING THE RUNNER: A defensive player shall not hold, grasp, or obstruct the forward progress of the runner when attempting to remove the flag belt.

 The 7-Play rule period – goes into effect at the 2 minute warning of the 2nd and 4th quarters: from this point on, the clock will no longer be kept, instead there will be 7 plays (total) left in the half or the game.

Interceptions in the end zone or interceptions whose momentum takes players into the End Zone, may be run out of the end zone, but if interceptor is deflagged in the End Zone, whether he was attempting to run it out or not, it shall be ruled a touchback.

Faking Excessive Contact – If in the opinion of the officials, a player fakes excessive contact, that player will be penalized 5 yards.

Drawing a Charge – If in the opinion of the officials a player maneuvers himself to draw a charge from either a runner or a pass receiver, with little attention to deflagging the receiver or runner, that player will be flagged for drawing a charge.



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