2017 Fall USSSA Baseball and TBall League

EASI runs a USSSA sanctioned baseball and tball league. Registration is through July 21 online through our website.  Fall league begins Sept 5 and runs through October 17 (weather permitting).  Games are played at Hafer Park located at 9th and Bryant on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. (Rainout games are played on Wednesday nights.)  A total of ten games are played during the fall league and there are no gate fees.  Practices are up to each team/coach and you will have a chance to visit with the coach before the roster is finalized.  EASI also provides insurance on all players. The age cut-off is May 1, 2018 when determining divisions.


T-ball ages 3 through 6 (t-shirt provided) - $85

Coach pitch ages 7 and 8 - $110
Kid pitch ages 9 through 13 - $110
NOTE:  A player that turns 14 prior to May 1, 2018 is eligible to play in the 13 year old group as long as they are in the 7th grade.
($5 credit card fee if paying online)
A birth certificate is required when registering
if your child has not play a sport with EASI.
*After registration is over, July 21,  all children in the independent files must be placed before we will accept any more registration forms, even if your child is on a team.  There will be a $30 late fee (8/11-8/23) for any late registration if we are able to place them.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
Age cut-off for fall baseball is your child's age before May 1, 2018. There are no exceptions to the age cut-off date. Children may play up two years, but no one will be allowed to play down in age.
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BAT INFORMATION - For the current rule on which bats are legal for the 2017 season, please click here.




EASI will hold four fall tournaments, including with USSSA State.  Payment must be received by 2pm on the Wednesday before the tournament (visa and mastercard accepted - $5 fee) in order to be guaranteed a spot in the tournament.
 Entry Fee unless otherwise noted
 Kid Pitch
 Kid Pitch
 Kid Pitch
 Kid Pitch
 Kid Pitch

USSSA State/National Qualifiers


2017 FALL USSSA Tournaments


All tournaments are USSSA sanctioned!



SEPT 9 -10




 Sports Park Rules:

No tobacco of any kind.
No rollerblade, bikes, scooters, skateboards, or Heelys.
No pets.
No outside food or drink-water is okay.
No climbing over fences or gate to enter park.
No alcohol.
No profanity.
No soft toss into fences.
Pregame practice in warm up area and outfields only.
No one is allowed on the infields when they are not in use.
Parents are required to supervise young children at all times.
Each team is expected to clean the dugout area after each game.